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"Synergy is better than my way

or your way. It's our way."

-Stephen Covey

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Simply send us your Drawings and Specifications, we take it from there...

Production Processes (typical electro-mechanical product for the Department of Defense):

1.  Engineering, Production and Assembly assessment of the specifications and drawings >

2.  Creation of a detailed Work Order, Test Plans and a Bill of Material > 

3.  Acquisition of raw material or off the shelf components > 

4.  Fabrication of tooling and fixtures > 

5.  Assembly of First Article Test unit(s) > 

6.  Incoming component inspection > 

7.  Configuration/Kitting of the Assembly > 

8.  Electrical assembly (including certified soldering and wire harness fabrication, Potting and encapsulation > 

9.  Adhesive bonding > 

10.Machining > 

11.Metal processing – Chem Film > 

12.Electrical testing, In Process Assembly Testing, Final Assembly Testing > 

13.Packaging to meet MIL SPEC > 

14.Shipment to the DLA using the VSM and iRAPT systems.

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