Our Team

“The whole is greater

than the sum of its parts.”


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Kevin Jones:

Kevin Jones is the Founder, Chairman and Senior Vice President, with 40 years of engineering and executive experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Kevin gained initial experience as a mechanical and electrical engineer with an aerospace manufacturer. In 1997, he co‐founded Synergetic and has established a robust engineering, supply chain and production culture that have enabled our firm to thrive and support our ISO Quality Management System.  Mr. Jones has an MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Bachelors in Physics from the California Institute of Technology.

Gene Valdez:

Gene Valdez established the Synergetic Technologies Group supply chain discipline.  Gene and our team of skilled materials managers source components from the best NADCAP, ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified suppliers throughout the U.S.  Mr. Valdez has experience as a leader with general management roles in aerospace and retail industries.

Tony Espinoza:

Tony Espinoza is the President and CEO, with 27 years of executive experience delivering strategic operations in manufacturing and technology industries for privately‐held, private equity portfolio and multinationals. Tony is a unique operations executive with exceptional project management and marketing skills. Mr. Espinoza holds an Executive MBA in General Management from the University of Southern California and Bachelors in Marketing from Loyola Marymount University. He is certified in Lean Management, a Six‐Sigma black‐belt, TQM, e‐Commerce and Sales Management.